Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Music: Phantogram - Black Out Days

Phantogram are back. Finally. For anyone who got lost in last year’s Nightlife mini-album; it’s been a very long wait, especially if a year and a half with Don’t Move as your only go-to after party tune has left you banished from anywhere ten feet of a laptop.

The all out groove of Don’t Move is replaced with some upfront menace, as a dark web of synths and electronics underpin Sarah Barthel’s typically sensual vocals to create a sexual tension akin to watching Cruel Intentions with your parents in the room.

That is creepy as fuck, but Black Out Days is certainly a sign that Phantogram are moving away from the trip-hop, electro-pop of old and into a more psychedelic soundscape. A collaboration with The Flaming Lips earlier this year would hardly have helped, and with more new material seemingly on its way; I’m ready to get lost again.

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