Thursday, 9 May 2013

Live Review: Bipolar Sunshine (BidoLito! Sound City Daily)

Bipolar Sunshine
Liverpool Sound City (Thursday 2nd May)
The Duke Street Garage

With representatives from Polydor watching on, it’s fair to say that tonight’s set from London’s BIPLOAR SUNSHINE comes draped in some considerable hype. Sporting a shirt that the members of Swim Deep would be embarrassed to wear, front man (and former Kid British member) Adio Merchant raises his shoulders, puffs his chest and introduces his band as if we were a sold-out Brixton Academy. 

New track Blossom is led by an abrasive, almost dubby guitar track, providing a menacing soundscape for Adio’s gorgeous falsetto to float mournfully above it. The droned and abrasive textures of the instrumental lulls you into a trance, allowing the small gestures of the vocal line to prey on those melodic impulses still hiding somewhere inside you.

The sleek, alabaster aesthetic of Fire is a far cry from the heavily distorted and distant sounds of the songs that precede it. Adio speaks softly over stabbed chords from the lead guitar, as if he is narrating a story about his own shortcomings during the final scene of a Wes Anderson film. Sampled extracts from The Notebook linger gracefully during its interlude, delivering an emotional punch that even the most cynical, emotionally negligent boyfriends amongst us wouldn’t be able to resist. Amongst an already impressive recital of works from an artist without an official release, this really is song of the year stuff; quietly ambitious, deeply personal, and wonderfully moving.

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